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Birth Parent Comments:

"My adoptions were great! I was a birth mom and Debi was my case worker. I worked with her for both of my adoptions. I had drama and stress in my life and she was always there to listen to me. She was with me for both of my kids and I couldn't have done the adoptions without her."

                                                                  - CH

"I worked with One Love and they were always there when I needed them. Some of my family didn’t want me to give up my baby but I knew it was the right decision for me and my baby. I needed them to help me and they did. I will always love them and think of them as family."                                                             

                                                                  - SG

"The women at One Love Adoptions were great to work with. As a birth mom i was scared, emotional and had nowhere to turn. I decided to call and got Debi. She was funny and down to earth and i always felt they were being real with me. They gave me counseling and supported me throughout the hardest time I my life. I wouldn't have made it through without them. I found a great family for my baby that were exactly what i wanted. I felt loved and cared for and i am so happy i chose to work with them."                                                             -                                                        - NP


"Hello my name is Shanna and I chose to give my beautiful baby boy up for adoption and the agency I went through was One Love Adoptions. Oh My Gosh they were amazing!! And they were by my side whenever day and night. They also helped me know that I was still a good mother and did not judge me at all. They were like family from the first day we met. So I would love to say thank you to all at One Love Adoption agency for being there and showering me with love and support the whole way through and after it was done." 


                                                                  - Shanna

"Kimberly is awesome!!! She really cares. She isn't fake and is everyone's best friend."

                                                                  - SE

"I am a birth father and I really felt included in our adoption. I really like the family we picked."


                                                  - TS     


"One Love Adoption is the best. They made me feel so comfortable almost like my own family. The things I talk to them about I can't even talk to my family about. They are always there for you no matter what. It is like their angels but just not in the sky."


                                                                - Anonymous

"One Love Adoptions is awesome. It's not an adoption  agency it's a family. The staff is great and I enjoyed working with them. I love each and every one.

                                                                - Z



 Adoptive Parent Comments:

"From the second we walked through those double doors in the hospital - all of those emotions we had been feeling all day - fear, nervousness, the stomach twists and turns - all of that went away when we met Debi and Megan from One Love Adoptions. 

We were so worried that our conversation with the birth mother would be quiet and awkward. One Love Adoptions made it so easy and natural. We shared stories, laughs, and tears. It was an absolutely wonderful experience. 

One Love Adoptions made the effort to check in every single day to ensure we and our son were doing okay. They stayed on top of everything so we had very little to worry about!

Seeing them all together - Debi, Megan, Michelle, and Kim - you can see it in their hearts that they care for both the adoption family and the birth mother. Adoption is truly in their hearts.

Both my wife and I will be forever thankful from the bottom of our hearts for One Love Adoptions for bringing our son into our lives. 

If we ever had the opportunity to work with One Love Adoptions again we would do it again in a heartbeat."

                                                             - Brian A

"The founder of this group was the key to us finding our son.  It's difficult to put into words the admiration and affection we feel...Those of us who take this journey need helpers of the highest integrity.  We got that with this team.  Their ability to listen goes far beyond their ears, and their loving, gentle care of our wonderful birth mother is something we are forever grateful for.  They are also deeply practical and remarkably clear-sighted--qualities that are also so necessary in navigating this sacred process.  We count these people as one of the biggest blessings of our liftetime."


                                                            - Nancy A



"These women will forever have my heart.  I have worked closely with these women and I can honestly say they love what they do.  They are compassionate an d caring for both birth parents and adoptive parents.  We have a very unique adoption story and when we were finaly placed with our child these women flew to where we were and surprised us with hugs and tears.  They are amazing."


                                                            - Windsor J


"Debi is very knowledgeable about the adoption process.  We felt at ease and completely comfortable during our adoption process.  We highly recommend her."


                                                           - Gina H


"We refer to this woman as our "Match Maker!" She holds to key to the most joy our experience of our lives!  After first using another agency, we were incredibly jaded but Debi eased our minds right away.  Our entire process- from finding our daughter to finishing up our adoption - was seamless and supportive.  I still refer back to advice given in the hospital room.  We recommend One Love Adoptions with all (3) of our hearts.

                                                            - Keri J

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