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Honest Adoption Agency - American Infant

One Love Adoptions

Are you pregnant and considering adoption?


Here are some of the ways we can help you:


  • Help with monthly bills

  • Medical bills paid

  • Provide housing during your pregnancy

  • A confidential and judgement free environment

  • Emotional support before and after adoption

  • You can choose an open, semi-open, or closed adoption

  • You can choose your adoptive family or we can choose for you; It's up to you

  • Confidentiality


Call or text us for more information on how we can help you!

We are here to help and discuss your options

An unplanned pregnancy can cause a number of emotions. Here at One Love we understand your struggle, and have worked with many women in the exact same situation as you.

Maybe you are very young, and parenting a child right now isn’t in your plan.

Maybe you are a single mother with children you care for already, and you don’t feel you can mentally and financially give what a new baby deserves.

Maybe you have been a victim of domestic violence or an assault situation, and feel that mentally you cannot parent this child. Whatever your story is……

Call, Text 1-855-621-5683, or fill out the form below

Financial help

We are able to help with pregnancy related expenses. This includes housing, transportation to and from doctor appointments, utilities, clothes allowance, food allowance and phone allowance. Some financial help depends on what your state will allow.


Birth parents are able to choose the level of openness they want in their adoption. Open, semi open or closed adoptions are available for you.

Conselors and caseworks

These ladies are here to help you with your adoption plan and discuss your options. They are also available after your placement.

Choosing a family

We will help you choose an adoptive family by giving you a selection of prescreened adoptive family profiles to choose from. Some birth parents want the agency to choose and we are happy to do that as well. There’s no right or wrong way to choose a family. It’s your choice.

Medical costs

If you follow your adoption plan, then you will have all of your pregnancy-related medical costs paid for.

Legal services

All attorney’s fees and costs will be paid for as far as your adoption is concerned. You will have no adoption legal fees.

Direct placement

One Love Adoption does placements directly to a family. This means there is no foster care or state involvement in the adoption.

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