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Shawn & Corrie - Hoping to Adopt

Shawn & Corrie - Hoping to Adopt Overland Park, KS

Family Size: Three; Shawn 45 male, Corrie 42 female, Rylie 16 female

What is a favorite family activity or tradition?

We have a large extended family and we always go on vacation together every year to the mountains in CO! It is so much fun to hang out, hike, play games and see all of the cousins play together! It is a tradition we look forward to every year.

What does adoption mean to your family? Adoption means a forever family! Our 16 year old daughter was adopted at birth and she has been our pride and joy! We have many friends and family members who have adopted as well. It is a very natural thing for us and we are so excited to adopt again!

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If you are interested in learning more about this hopeful adoptive family please contact:

Kim@oneloveadoptions.com or call 1-855-62-1LOVE

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