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James and Christina - Hoping to Adopt

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

James and Christina - Hoping to Adopt

Broomfield, Colorado

Family Size: 3

What is a favorite family activity or tradition?

Our favorite family activities include going on walks, going on bike rides, going to the park, bedtime stories, playing in the backyard on our swing set, roasting marshmallows in our firepit, visiting Grandparents, family reunions with extended family, attending Colorado Foster and Adoption Group gatherings (including the adoption triad of adoptees, birth parents, and adoptive parents), driving to see Christmas lights, Christmas Day pajamas, Christmas Day board games, the zoo, the swimming pool, and traveling. Places we have loved traveling to have been Mexico, Florida, Las Vegas, Kansas City, Oregon, California, Michigan, Canada, Hawaii, and staycations in Colorado to the mountains and Colorado Springs.

What does adoption mean to your family?

Adoption means LOVE to our family. Adoption is full of struggles, challenges, and losses, but there is always love coming from every angle in the adoption triad. After years of struggling with miscarriages, we adopted our son A.J. in 2017. He is a huge blessing and we absolutely adore and love him. We also have a huge appreciation and love for A.J.’s birthmother, and for her sacrifice and unconditional love for him. We think of A.J.’s birth family (including his birthmother, siblings, and Grandmother) as an extended part of our own and will always be connected to them.

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