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How to Choose an Adoption Agency | Red Flags to Watch For

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

This week we are talking about some red flags to watch out for when choosing an adoption professional. Here are just four tips for choosing an ethical adoption agency. It's important to protect yourself and to know that you have a voice!! Listen to your gut; if something feels fishy, ask questions and know you still have options.

Everyone should be treated fairly and your adoption professional should be your advocate. Send us a DM if you have any specific questions or lessons learned from personal experiences!

1- Communication is key! If you're working with an agency or researching an adoption agency how well is their communication? You shouldn't have to wait days or even a week to receive a call back or help with your problem.

At One Love Adoptions, we strive to be in constant contact with our clients.

2- You should be able to trust your adoption agency and your adoption caseworker. As an expectant mom, considering adoption, your concerns are our concerns. There is a lot of personal information you share with your caseworker. You need to be comfortable enough with them to be open and honest. The trust factor goes both ways

When stories are always changing or you feel your voice isn't being heard, that's a major issue. Your needs should be reasonably met when it comes to emotional and physical safety. If you don'

3- Your adoption agency should be held to a high standard when it comes to behaving ethically. But how do you know if you adoption agency is ethical? One of the first things you need to ask an agency is if they are licensed. All trustworthy professionals in the adoption community should be legally licensed in their state. That means that the local government is keeping tabs on them regularly and deems them ethical in their practices.

4- Pre & Post Placement care should be a priority for an ethical adoption agency. Emotional and physical health for both mom & baby takes priority, even before considering families to place with. We want you to be in a healthy, stable state when choosing a hopeful adoptive family for your baby. It's one of the biggest, hardest decisions of your life - that doesn't heal overnight. Post placement care is really important and should always be offered.

The biggest takeaway in these red flags is to do your research and listen to your gut. If something feels fishy, ask questions and know you still have options. Choose an agency that you connect with!


One Love Adoptions is an ethical, licensed adoption agency that serves both expectant mothers (or couples) & adoptive families. We believe in the power of positivity! Love changes everything in an adoption journey. We are here to offer support, resources and assistance during your adoption process. If you have any questions or would like to talk more about how we can help support your adoption, please call 855-621-LOVE (5683)

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