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5 Emotions You Feel While Waiting To Adopt & How to Process Them

While on your adoption journey, you may experience emotions that are new and exciting - but you may feel others that are hard to explain out loud. This article is meant to help normalize and validate all the feelings that may come your way as a hopeful Adoptive Parent.

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5 Emotions You'll Feel During Your Adoption Process:

  1. Fear

  2. Anger

  3. Sadness

  4. Joy

  5. Disgust

That's right ... ALL of the emotions is what you're going to experience! There is fear, sadness and SO much joy in the best journeys in life - so why not in your adoption journey?

Who Can I Talk to About These Emotions I'm Feeling?

It is good to get all of the feelings out in the open - but that doesn't necessarily mean going public with all of your emotions via FB Live! Your experience as an adoptive parent is very personal and should be treated as such. That doesn't mean you have to sugar coat the process of waiting to expand your family; which can be strenuous at times. But it does mean to confide in the right people. Hopefully your partner is someone you feel comfortable enough with to share all of your emotions with. But you can also speak openly with your case worker - who is your partner in the process of your adoption.

Seeing a therapist to help process your emotions in a healthy way is definitely an option for couples or individuals considering adoption or while waiting to adopt.

Time out to have fun doing something you love and enjoy - as a couple or with friends / family is a way to not get too wrapped up in your emotions around your adoption as well. It's easy to let adoption take over your life while waiting to adopt! But there's no need to put your life on hold while you are figuring out the process and where adoption will fit into your life as you grow your family.

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If talking out loud to someone is not the most comfortable for you - try writing it all down in a journal. Later having your adoption experience documented in such a personal way will be something to cherish.

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