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Amy and Winston - Hoping to Adopt

Amy and Winston - Hoping to Adopt

Smithfield, UT

Family Size: 3

What is a favorite family activity or tradition?

We LOVE spending all our time outdoors and exploring new places. We love camping, Horse riding, 4 wheeling, sports, tin-foil dinners, laying out under the stars, and practically anything outdoors.

What does adoption mean to your family?

That we will bring a child into our home as our own and raise him/her to live a good, honest, and happy life. Also giving a LOT of love. All the sacrifice and work it took to bring a child into our home makes us appreciate it so much more when it actually happens.

Love this family? Us too! Send us an email so we can tell you more.

If you are interested in learning more about this hopeful adoptive family please contact: or call 1-855-62-1LOVE

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