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3 things Expectant Mom's considering placement get to make a decision on in the adoption process?

Updated: Oct 5, 2019

Last week we talked about having a voice through your adoption journey & how to know you’re working with an ethical adoption agency. (Insert hyperlink to other blog post) This week we want to talk about some of the things prospective birth moms should always have a voice on. 

These are some major decisions that we can definitely help you with; by offering education, professional insight from years of experience, adoptive family profiles (insert link) and anything else that may be helpful. But please know, these topics are sensitive and can be difficult to discuss directly with your prospective adoptive family. Working with an adoption agency, like One Love Adoptions, means you have the benefit of working with a trusted caseworker who helps protect your rights to these decisions. 

Here are just six of the many decisions available to you as a ‘birth mom’ or an expectant mom who is considering the placement of her baby through adoption.

1- Choosing an adoptive family. 

One of the biggest decisions you’ll make in the adoption process is picking a family who is hoping to adopt. These families are ‘hopeful adoptive families’. We have profiles for families we personally know and recommend but will go do whatever we can to ensure you have plenty of options that fit your criteria.

2- Setting the level of openness in the adoption.

Open adoption can mean so many things. This can feel really overwhelming to both sides at first. But a little education here goes a long way. Open adoption could be letters, pictures, phone calls, a private Facebook page, family gatherings or something totally different. A healthy open adoption could look like all of these things or even none of them. Every family is unique and each adoption story is unique. Your caseworker and mental health professional will help guide you through setting healthy boundaries in an open adoption.

3- Counseling, both during pregnancy and post-placement is an option. 

Your mental health professional or counselor should be available to you as often as needed during this big life event. All sides of the adoption triad experience trauma and a roller-coaster of emotions. An ethical adoption agency, who loves their birth moms, will strongly encourage this type of care. But the frequency is definitely up to you and what is needed. 

Birth Mom’s should have a voice. Expectant moms who are considering adoption should have a voice and be well cared for. There are many more than 3 decisions they get to make during the adoption process. Read a few more here .....

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