James and Christina

Adoption has forever changed our lives. It has been an incredible blessing to us, our son, and our entire family. Because adopting and raising our son has brought us such incredible blessings, we cannot wait to be a part of that process again. We look forward to supporting you as you consider adoption and we promise to love your child as our very own.

Shawn & corrie

Adoption means a forever family! Our 16 year old daughter was adopted at birth and she has been our pride and joy! We have many friends and family members who have adopted as well. It is a very natural thing for us and we are so excited to adopt again!


Brayden & Stephanie 

Adoption is something both of us have in our families. Steph was adopted by her dad, her cousins are adopted, and her older sister placed a baby 12 years ago. Brayden’s sister was adopted by his dad. It is something we have talked about since we were just dating, and something we both have always felt would be a part of growing our family.


Adoption is the most generous act of love from both the birth mother and the adoptive family. As a young child, Nicki saw the impact of adoption first-had, as she was adopted by her Daddy at the age of 5. Before marrying, this couple knew that adoption was an avenue they would love to travel together, if God ever put in their path. After losing their first son to a genetic disorder and giving birth to their second, they took hard news that having another child was not a possibility. It was then they decided adoption was the journey to turn their family of 3 to a family of 4.

Jim & Myriam

Loving family of three legally approved and seeks to raise more children in love, language and exploration of all that brings joy and wellbeing....we have been married 16 years and LOVE to be parents and our son asks for siblings.  We hope to adopt and feel more goodness from our contact.

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Amy & Winston

To us adoption means ...

We will bring a child into our home as our own and raise him/her to live a good, honest, and happy life. Also giving a LOT of love. All the sacrifice and work it took to bring a child into our home makes us appreciate it so much more when it actually happens.